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Produced Plays


Northern Light Theatre, Edmonton

With Michelle Todd
Directed by Trevor Schmidt

The Toronto Fringe Festival
Groundswell – Los Angeles
New York Fringe Festival – New York

Produced by Far Fetched Productions
With Heidi Weeks
Directed by Brenda McFarlane

4 stars! “McFarlane’s script delicately balances humor with an urgent questioning of gender and moral codes in a hypocritical society — and delivers amply on both counts. … Highly recommended.” Kamal Al-Solaylee, Eye Weekly (Toronto)

6th & Penn Theatre, San Diego

Produced by Far Fetched Productions
With Susan Hammons

Playwright/director Brenda McFarlane’s one-act piece Slut takes humorous aim at the socially ordained “one partner for life” ideal, at least for Matilda, who asks whether being good “with little bits of intimacy” can’t be enough and why serial partnering is bad. (She has come to this after a marriage in which: “I did something no one can ever do in a relationship. I lost myself.”) 

Expect to hear more from McFarlane

Available through Original Works Publishing

I Love You So Much I Wish You Were Dead

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Produced by Far Fetched Productions

[I Love You So Much…] is a terrific example of McFarlane’s sharp eye for the absurdities and petty madnesses of modern life, her distinctively quirky sense of humor and her deft hand at quick step staging.” H.J. Kirchoff – The Globe and Mail

The Education of Johnny

Tarragon Extra Space.- Toronto

“[McFarlane produces] lively and engaging scripts… . [I Love You…] is perceptive, funny and angst-ridden. Mira Friedlander, Variety
The Education of Johnny, Tarragon Extra Space.- Toronto

“…well told, …engrossing. …McFarlane’s writing is taut, …If The Education of Johnny is in any way a harbinger of the new theatre season, then we can look ahead with great expectations. Vit Wagner, The Toronto Star

Penis Play

Rhubarb Festival – Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Shut Up

Summerworks – Toronto.

“…this high velocity production keeps you hooked all the way.” Mira Friedlander, The Toronto Star.

Good in Bed

Toronto Fringe Festival
“McFarlane shows a dab hand with lively intelligent gag lines and often touches on the hard truth of relationships.” H.J. Kirchoff, The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

Suzi Got Her Lips Tattooed

The Gathering and Summerworks – Toronto

“Scenes alternated between the witty and the ironic, the wildly funny to the harrowingly dramatic…this was excellent theatre. Kudos all around.” George Olds, Xtra (Toronto

“…scenes stand out for their honesty and raw emotional power.” Mira Friedlander, The Toronto Star